Sasha Amaya rehearsing action with mezzo-soprano Judith Lebiez

Sasha Amaya rehearsing action with mezzo-soprano Judith Lebiez

Movement Coaching - private sessions for individuals with specific objectives; especially, but not only, targeted to singers and musical conductors seeking to improve their physical comfortability and natural presence.

I have worked with Sasha over the past two years on a range of projects. Her approach to movement and voice is experimental, playful, and creative. Through her work, she brings a deeper understanding of the relationship between voice and body, ultimately freeing the singer and complementing formal vocal training. I would recommend working with Sasha to any singer who is looking to deepen their creative practice, and connect their body to the voice.

  • Rosie Middleton, Mezzo Soprano

Sasha’s ideas are communicated clearly. She supplies useful tools for character development and asks interesting questions when needed, working to guide but never to stifle the creativity of her singers. In this way, she empowers her singers to express what is real and true to them in rehearsal and performance. 

  • Chloe Allison, Mezzo Soprano

    The coaching session was thorough, informative, and tailored to my needs, and I really enjoyed giving time to this neglected part of my performance. Sasha is clearly both very experienced in her art and in tune with the people that she teaches. Her coaching was deft and comprehensive, but never rushed. I really think it has improved my performance.

  • Louis Wilson, Bass

Sasha pushed the whole cast to achieve more at every stage of the game and helped us to explore our characters much more deeply than we would have done without her. One of the things I most enjoyed were her physical warmups which helped the whole team bond a lot more closely, which meant some of the more challenging intimate scenes were much easier to portray. I finished the project with a lot more confidence than before.

  • Lottie Greenhow, Soprano

Sasha Amaya teaching workshop. Photo by Tati Witt.

Sasha Amaya teaching workshop. Photo by Tati Witt.

Creative Tools - classes and workshops in creation with the aim of sharing and experimenting with tools, games, and techniques for the creation of new material; my particular focus at this time is on text, sound, and movement creation tools.

It’s rare to have the opportunity to be creative in the frame of a dance class, especially outside of a formal educational programme, which is why I found the class so amazing. The fact that there was no specific goal or agenda behind it made it very interesting because it allowed us great freedom in the way we developed our ideas during the process.

  • Student, Creative Tools weekly class

It was a completely new experience, so everything was really interesting and fresh! It was challenging to be aware of text and movement at the same time, but great to experience. Thank you!

  • Student, text, tongue & toe lab

Contemporary Dance - classes and workshops in contemporary dance, comprised of warm up, conditioning, floorwork, combinations, and improvisation techniques. Offered as a separate class or combined with a creation workshop.